Audio Lessons

Our gospel meetings and selected lessons are recorded so that they can be used as a resource for our members and others seeking to grow in Christ.  These lessons are copyrighted and remain the property of the respective preacher and the Northeast Church of Christ.  They may be used freely for the furtherance of the gospel, provided they are being played in their entirety and identified as copyrighted material.  This material may be downloaded and burned on a Compact Disc or other electronic media provided it is done so in it's entirety.

These files are .mp3 format and can be downloaded and/or streamed by Windows Media Player or any other media player capable of replaying .mp3 files.  Click on the lesson to download the files or play them on your computer.

Weekly Sermons

Gospel Meetings

February 2018 Larry McClenny
The Holy Spirit - The Gift of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit - Staying Power
The Holy Spirit - A Matter of Revelation
The Holy Spirit - Indwelling
The Holy Spirit - The Apostles
The Holy Spirit - Godhead

November 2017 Donnie V. Rader
The Citizens of the Kingdom (Mt 5:1-16)
The Righteousness of the Kingdom (Mt 5:17-48)
Sincere Devotion in the Kingdom (Mt 6:1-18)
Trusting God in the Kingdom (Mt 6:19-34)
Relating to Man in the Kingdom (Mt 7:1-12)
Entering the Kingdom (Mt 7:13-27)

March 2017 Robert Harkrider
Q & A
God's Eternal Purpose
What Shall Be Your Judgment
Why Christians Have Peace Even in Times of War (The Throne Scene)
Book with the 7 Seals (The Saddest Words)
On Whose Side Would You Have Stood?

April 2015 Eric Reynolds
A Woman Preacher
Same Sex Marriage
A Christian's View Of Homosexuality
What Must I Do To Be Saved
The Walking Dead
When We Help The Enemy
Serving God In The Present

November 2014 David Dann
What Have They Seen In Your House
Buried With Him
Adrift In The Sea Of Speculation Of Religious Error Without An Anchor
The Church Of His Choice
Every Christian's Guide To Effective Evangelism
Destroyed For A Lack Of Knowledge
How To Remain Faithful

June 2014 Gary Henry

The Point Of Being A Christian
Forsaking What Lies Behind
Reaching Forward
The Mind Of The Mature Christian
The Prize
Pressing Toward The Goal

May 2014 Tommy Peeler

The Problem Of Sin
Jesus The Solution To Sin
The Story Of The Bible
Royal Psalms About Jesus
The Greatness And Glory Of God
Who Am I

October 2013

What Is The Glory Of God By Tom Hamilton
God Wants Me In Heaven By Tommy Peeler
Drawing Near To The Throne Of God By Stephen Walker
Man's Purpose By Wayne McDonald
Attitude Of Humility By Jeff Curtis
The Church Foreshadows Heaven By Nathan Ward

July 2013 _ Jason Longstreth

The Dangers Of Modern Worship
The Lord's Supper A Quest For Meaning
Worshiping The Creature Rather Than The Creator
Singing To The Lord
Giving To The Lord
Revive Us Again

April 2013 - Tom Hamilton

What The Local Church Is Not - The Universal Church
What The Local Church Is Not - An Institution
What The Local Church Is - The World Of God
What The Local Church Is - The Worship Of God
What The Local Church Is - The Word Of God
What The Local Church Is - The Work Of God

November 2012 - Various Young Preachers On Parables Of Jesus

The Prodigal Son by Johnathan Wickersheim
Persistent Widow And Friend At Midnight By David Sater
The Ten Virgins By Totti Moktar
The Two Brothers And Their Work By Philip Magee
The Pearl Of Great Price By Stephen Dvorak
The Talents By Andrew Dow

March 2012 - Brett Hogland

Lay Aside Every Weight
Calling Upon The Name Of The Lord
If They Will Not Hear Moses And The Prophets
Live Like You Were Dying
Wait On The Lord

November 2011 - Mike Webb

Teach My People The Difference
Even Barnabas
This World Is Not My Home
I Have Sinned
Heaven Will Be Worth It All
Are You The Man

March-April 2011 - Chuck Bartlett

Being Open Minded
Five Hurdles We All Face
Too Many Believers
Effective Prayers
Bible Evidences from Chinese Language

November 2010 -
Brian Price

Why Do You Maintain Your Integrity?
Come And See An Empty Tomb
Winning The Battle Over Discouragement
God's Children Are Courageous
Being Honest About Temptation
Come Home To The Father
Why Didn't God Answer My Prayer?
God's Use Of Water

March 2009 Chris Reeves

Give Us A King
Godly Homes Today
Heaven Holds All to Me
Lost in the House of God
Moral Issues Facing God's People Today
The Joy of Worship
What the World Needs Now
Why Be a Christian?

November 2008 - Heath Rogers

Some Things Simon Saw
Am I Really A Disciple?
How to Live Like A King
Is Jesus Really The Son of God?
Will Only Members Of The Church of Christ Be Saved?
How Often Shall I Forgive My Brother?
Is Hell Real?
What Must I Do to be Saved?

March 2008 - David McPherson

Impossible Things in the Book of Jonah
Where has God placed Salvation?
Some Who Appreciate Gospel Preaching
The Testimony of the Lord is Sure
The Sin of Fornication
Overcoming Depression
Churches of Christ that Really Aren't
Learning Obedience

October 2007 - Chuck Bartlett

Questions that need asking and answering!
Can Man be our Measure?
Why Would Anyone be Prevented from Following the Lord?
Why Believe in God?
Why was Jesus' Death so Special?
Is Humility Really that Important?
How Do You Clear Up Religious Confusion?
What is one of the worst false concepts believed by so many?

March 2007 - Jesse Flowers

As For Me and My House
Do You Love Me?
When a Local Church Has Problems
Cutting Up The Word of God
Pursue Holiness
The Three Crosses of Calvary
At Jacob's Well
Blood Crying Out

November 2006 - Bobby Thompson

A Misunderstood Command
Preach the Gospel and Leave Others Alone
...And Not to Leave The Other Things Undone
Back To The Basics
What Can The Righteous Do?
In The Beginning God
Proper Hearing of God's Words